Welcome to Afrique IT

Providing world class mobile apps, websites, network monitoring systems, cyber security solutions, artificial intelligence software development, and world class IT solutions across the continent of Africa.

Small to Mid Size Business Solutions

Mobile Apps

Custom application software developed for smartphones or tablets for use on iOS, Android, KaiOS, Harmony OS, Tizen operating systems.

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Website Development

Your one stop Web development company that provides services in website development, hosting and and deployment, AI, Cloud Solutions, and staff augmentation.

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Artificial Intelligence

We provide you a seamless integration to incorporate your existing applications and solutions with our Artificial Intelligent platform and solutions.

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Network Monitoring

We provide infrastructure management tools, network monitoring services, and cyber security solutions to maximize availability of system resources.

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Enterprise and Corporate Solutions

IT Operations

Predict and prevent problems with one unified monitoring experience using Machine Learning.

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Network Security

Streamline your entire security stack using the latest Big Data technology as the nerve center.

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DevOps and Automation

Detect, investigate and diagnose problems easily with end-to-end observability.

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Business Analysis

Explore and visualize business processes for increased transparency using AI.

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Industry Specific Solutions

Health Care

Streamlined solutions for call centre, AI-powered tools for advising workers, and GPS systems to coordinate delivery and tracking.

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Industrial and Manufacturing

Machcine Learning and Articfical intelligent solutions to alert, predict, and prevent machine failure.

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Virtual, scalable cloud based solutions for online and e-learing solutions, with or withouy human intervention.

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Transportation and Delivery

Business processes solutions for increased productivity, smart scheduling, logistics, and delivery using ML and AI.

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